Frequently Asked Questions


As a property owner, what is the process for having a well drilled?

1.         Contact our office at 360-686-8600.  Our friendly staff welcomes all inquiries. Often, we will research surrounding property histories and develop a summary showing well depths, volume, and any other details that would provide an overview for that lot. This gives the property owner a ‘snapshot’ of the conditions in an area.

 For ClarkCounty residentsA site evaluation by the Clark County Public Health ($200 fee to CCPH) is required as of Feb. 1, 2009. You may request this directly from the Clark County Public Health Dept at 360-397-8428, through your septic designer, or we can initiate the evaluation request for our customers.

 2.        Once a Site Evaluation Form is completed by the Health Dept., the driller will need to meet with the homeowner to answer any additional questions and check on site conditions.  A written proposal is provided and will need to be signed and returned to our office.

 3.         A $200.00 permit through Dept. Of Ecology is then required before drilling can begin.  It is the responsibility of each property owner to acquire this, however, Redinger Inc. handles the filing for no additional handling fee.  The State of Washington requires a 72 hour waiting period after a permit is filed before actual drilling can begin.  We strive to streamline the steps and make your experience as simple as possible.

4.         We welcome your presence (at a safe distance) when we drill.  We will even provide you with earplugs!!

5.         Demonstration video coming soon! All products or components used in the well construction process comply with NSF and ANSI safety standards for well construction.

6.         Once the well construction is completed, a solid metal lid is welded on top.  It is now ready for a submersible pump to be installed.  There are several pump installation contractors that serve Clark – Skamania – and Cowlitz counties.

7.         A well report is prepared by our office and submitted to the State Dept. of Ecology.  Copies are provided to the landowner.  It presently takes about one month for the State to have your well report accessible online through the DOE website. Department of Ecology Well Logs

8.         Your well log can be transmitted to the local pump installer of your choice so they will have the necessary information to provide you with an accurate quote.



Considerations for Water Well Placement:

 –          Where will your future home, barn, RV pad or outbuildings be located?

 –          Where will the septic and drainfield be located?

 –          Special water needs such as sprinkler system, water landscaping feature, or livestock.

 –          The Washington State Homeowner’s Guide to Well Construction might also be a helpful resource.


How far away from the septic tank and drainfield must my well  be?

State of Washington requires that any water well be at least 100 feet from the drainfield and 50′ from any existing or proposed tank or tielines.


How many gallons per minute of  water will I need for my home?

Water requirements are determined by ‘peak usage’ in a household. Peak usage occurs during a family’s ‘power hour’ when the dishwasher, washing machine, and showers may all be placing demand on the water supply.  Household size and lifestyles (do you garden or frequently wash your car at home) are factors.  Discuss this with your well driller so he can let you know what the typical water volumes of your area have been.


How long does it take to drill a well?

Redinger Inc. uses state-of-the-art air rotary drilling equipment.  In most cases, an average depth well takes only about 1 or 2 days.  Video coming soon!